Granite to glass

...a riveting, rather transfixing listening experience that deserves the broadest attention possible.
— Stereo Embers Magazine

Granite to Glass is a Brooklyn-based indie-folk chamber ensemble

For several years, singer songwriter Jon Kohen performed as solo act, based in Lowell, Massachusetts. In 2015 together with a studio string ensemble, Jon created the EP Curse the Darkness, or Create a Light. Inspired by the emotional power of the collaboration and instrumentation, Kohen, together with four members of the string ensemble, formed under the new stage name Granite to Glass in essence with their newfound artistic direction. 

Granite to Glass toured the east coast and performed at various venues across the New England region. In 2017, they launched the LP for when you need this, featuring a orchestra and choir of over 50 performing artists from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, New England Conservatory, and Greater Boston area. Using cinematic orchestration, poetry, and Kohen's haunting lyrics, the album guides the listener through a story of loss, grief, and healing, something every person will inevitably face in life. 

Now based in Brooklyn, NY, Granite to Glass continues to write, perform, and collaborate as an 8-piece chamber ensemble. Through haunting lyrics and cinematic string arrangements, the group confronts life's challenges and journeys, inviting each audience to be enveloped in positive introspection with which to heal and reflect. 

A self-titled album is currently in the works, set for release (hopefully, maybe) in early Fall 2019.